Erişilebilirlik Menüsü
Writing Rules of the Papers
  • Summaries (Abstracts) should be submitted in Turkish and English.
  • Summaries should be written with Times New Roman 12 type size, 1.5 space and include 500-600 words. Keywords should not exceed 5 words.
  • The figures and tables used must be sent separately in the annex of the abstract.
  • Turkish spelling should be based on the spelling of the Turkish Language Association. Turkish words should be used instead of foreign words, as much as possible. If it is necessary to use the words in Turkish in the text, in the first place the word should be given in Turkish and English in parenthesis.
  • The title should consist of maximum 10-12 words and should be presented in Turkish and English.
  • APA spelling requirements may apply for subjects not covered here.
  • Abstracts will be sent to sempozyum@tihek.gov.tr  via e-mail.
  • Abstracts should be submitted by 20 February 2019. The participants will be notified of their acceptance / rejection as of 25 February 2019 at the latest.