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HREIT Organized the International Symposium on Human Rights in Pandemic Times on 8-9 December

On the occasion of December 10, World Human Rights Day, the International Symposium on Human Rights during Epidemics was held on 8-9 December 2021 in simultaneous sessions in Itri Conference Hall and Blue Hall of Hacı Bayram Veli University in Ankara.

In the symposium, the epidemic period:

  • The Right To Education In Times Of Epidemic,
  • Judicial Activities And Execution System,
  • Pandemic Practices In Terms Of İnternational Human Rights Law,
  • Constitutional And Administrative Perspective On Pandemic Law,
  • Vulnerable Groups And Access To Social Services During The Epidemic,
  • Measures Taken During The Epidemic, Ethics, Media And Mass Communication,
  • Refugees, Asylum Seekers And Human Trafficking During The Epidemic,
  • Working Life During The Epidemic,
  • Elderly Rights During The Epidemic

various aspects were discussed in a total of 9 sessions.